Tools for streamers
to grow & Engage
their channel

Are you a streamer?


You shouldn't have to have 30,000 people watching you to have sponsors. Our data driven approach only shows you sponsors that are a fit for your community. No more #SellOut :p

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Game sales

50% of game sales go to middle men and advertisers like Google & Facebook. Get a cut of the share for highlighting fun games to your community for them to purchase.

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Whether you're looking to make streaming a living or not, we want to help viewers find your streams. Our tools help you manage your audience and grow it with new viewers

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More people watch gaming content than
HBO, Netflix, Hulu & ESPN combined

Game streaming is big business and our goal is
to help you make a living doing what you love
- playing games

With Mischief you can:

  • Sell any game that you are playing on your stream
  • Earn rewards to play up and coming games, and classics too!
  • Get access to sponsors no matter how small or big you are
  • Learn tips on how to better engage your audience
  • Gain access to exclusive events with publishers
  • Stream on any platform (Twitch / Youtube / Mixer, etc.)
  • Make a living without cracking into the top 1% of streamers

Play on Any platform

Twitch / Youtube / Mixer / Caffeine? Doesn't matter - Your game. Your rules.

SELL Any Game:

Some of the brands we offer (And many indies too!)

So easy a noob could do it

What are you waiting for? Follow us as we prepare to launch and to get updates!