About Us

We’re life-long gamers looking to cause some Mischief.


We are a tech company. That means that we use data to help drive better sponsors to our streamers. We believe in being transparent with what we do with that data - as well as rewarding both streamers & viewers alike for sharing that data to create a better games ecosystem for everyone.


We treat our streamers and each other at the company with respect. We expect our team members to think with an open mind. This means assuming those we disagree with have good intent before attacking. Gaming can be a toxic place... we aim to make it a little better one stream at a time


Streamers provide a more fun & creative way to discover new content - at a cheaper price to the devs. Net / Net we think this puts more money in dev's pockets to make better games for everyone. The less money that devs spend marketing their games, the more that goes into making great content.

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Our Team

Chase Croft


Former Head of Digital Gaming at Walmart and Market intelligence Product Manager at Jet.com
Favorite Game: Skies of Arcadia

Kyle Moorman

Community Manager

Founder of Twitch Kittens, Twitch's largest community and Discord / Twitch Partner
Favorite Game: Dark Souls

Eric Gandhi

Head of Design

Former Senior Product Designer at Disney/Movies Anywhere, BuzzFeed, eBay, and The Weather Channel
Favorite Game: Bloodborne

Esperanza Munoz

Social Media Manager

Former video game and cosplay journalist and current social media rep for Twitch Kittens
Favorite Game: Dragon Age: Origins


Official Mascot

Proponent of head scratches and belly rubs.
Favorite Game: Fetch

Make Mischief With Us

We see a future where games are discovered, marketed, and sold by streamers. Gone are the days of traditional marketing - Players have always found out about games through word of mouth and now game streaming is a platform that has made it into a business. Mischief is here to make it sustainable to play and spread the word about your favorite games. We're always looking for smart folks who share this passion...

Company Game Nights

We do company game nights at least twice a month. Previous games include Smash Bros, Starcraft, and Apex Legends.

Mischief HQ

We're headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Los Angeles and Denver.

Unlimited PTO

Need a little extra time to work on your cosplay for SDCC? We offer unlimited PTO so that when you're not making Mischief with us, you can live your life.

Our Mascot: Bowser

Our company mascot is a bulldog named Bowser.


We offer comprehensive Health, Dental, and Vision plans for all our employees.

We’re Geeks

We're all geeks through and through. Marvel, DragonBall, Gundam... there's something for everyone.

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