Frequently Asked Questions

How will this help me monetize?
At launch Mischief will allow your viewers to support you through game sales whenever you go live on Twitch. It will automatically detect what game you are creating content for and let your viewers purchase it through your link. Through that, you’ll get a portion of the game sale. Additionally you can monetize off the referral system by inviting other streamers to use Mischief. Sponsorship opportunities will be available in the future.

What is my revenue share on sales?
The base level is 5% on each sale, although game devs can boost your share to up to 20% based on past performance, similarity to games you / your viewers have played in the past, and general fit with the brand. Note: this is done through the system automatically, please do not message the devs for an increased share.

What are founding member perks?
Exclusive vanity badge on your profile, private channel in discord, feedback sessions with the Mischief team and earn subs by inviting other streamers through your referral link.

I am a console streamer, can I use Mischief?
Yes, although it will only be PC keys at beta launch. The system will detect your game regardless of system and offer a PC copy to your viewers if it is available.

How do I sign up?
You can sign up for the beta now at

How do I know I signed up correctly?
Go here and it should show you your referral link

Is there anything to download?
No. Place your panel image and link in your streaming platform profile and through OBS if you like (the more you highlight it the better!). We’ll be adding bots for you to use in your chat as well and other options over time including extensions to make it more seamless.

Can I link multiple platforms?
As of now the only service available is Twitch, although we will be supporting Mixer and Youtube very soon with more to follow. You can link multiple accounts but choose your primary account first when signing up.

Why is data collected from my stream?
In order to get you the best revenue shares and sponsorships for your channel

What payment options are there for my viewers? How do I get disbursements?
Right now, we are just using Stripe – - to process payments which is available in most (not all) countries. Down the road we will add support for Paypal and other alternatives. We chose Stripe b/c it’s the most seamless check out experience, rev share, and provides the most flexibility in multiple sided marketplaces (Mischief, Streamers, Viewers, Developers). Disbursements will be paid out directly to your Stripe account through a program called Stripe Connect. You’ll need to login to your Stripe account and set up a linked bank account to cash out.

How do I sign up for Stripe
You need to sign up for Stripe through your Mischief Dashboard which will connect your Stripe account to Mischief. Go through the flow and fill out all of your information. Even if you are an individual, you are effectively operating as a business so regulators require that Stripe asks for your Tax ID.

What games are available?
We have 1,000+ games right now that are available for you to stream and sell. That list is growing every day. Login and check your dashboard to see what games are available.

What game platforms do you support?
Currently we support just Steam. The Epic Store will be supported soon and we are in talks with other platforms (Xbox, Nintendo, Discord, etc.)

Where do you all get the game keys?
Directly from the game publishers. Not a single game key comes from gray market or without the consent of the game maker. Proceeds from sales go to support the folks that make the games you love.

What happens if my game key doesn’t work?

What if I have additional questions?
Contact us at or in #support in the Discord ( if it doesn’t include personal information